Known as "party walking," the activity of strolling as an organization started in the 1920's by the Divine 9 (historically African-American) organizations. Many acknowledge Alpha Kappa Alpha for originating the concept of strolling. Strolling is characterized by members of an organization performing dance moves in a line, often moving forward in a line or in a circle. While originating in Historically Black Greek Lettered Organizations, strolling has recently become a tradition in other Multicultural Greek Organizations. 

At NYU, there are several opportunities for the MGC organizations to stroll. The two biggest events are Fusion, the largest stroll showcase of the year for MGC, and MGC Coffeehouse, where organizations can stroll or perform other acts for one another in a relaxed and supportive environment. 

Strolling is just one of the things that makes MGC so unique-- check out some of the videos of performances by our talented members!